It’s just not that hard to find and follow a recipe.  For me, cooking and baking are so much more than putting some ingredients together to make something to eat.  Cooking a meal for your family and friends or baking something to give as a gift to those you love provide the greatest possible level of nourishment when you understand and the explore the connection between the food you make and divinity in each of us.

Before my earliest memories, my Mother says I was drawn to cooking and baking.  She tells the story of  “losing me” at one point and hearing a clanging noise coming from the cabinet under her sink.
When she opened the door, I was sitting inside covered with flour (she stored 25lb bags there for bread-baking) and waving a spoon.

She says when she asked, “Michael, what do you think?”

I haven’t stopped cooking or baking are doing in there?” a well-floured face blinked open two black eyes and responded with two mbmbowtieof my earliest words — “bake cake!”
Food has been the centerpiece to my life.  Every holiday, celebration, family tradition and other important event has been marked by that special meal, that particular cake, that amazing Italian cookie…

Cooking has helped me pay bills when times were tough, provided a personal touch to Christmas presents, and helped bridge gaps in time and space between family and friends…
This blog is a look into a life built around the craft.  Recipes emerge from stories and tradition.  Guided by a Spirit of Love in everything I roast, bake, saute, steam, boil or  convect — it is my hope to help you explore and develop a strong connection between your creations and your loved ones. And  I hope to connect to you in the process…

For…we Kead To Eat and  “Wherever two or more are gathered……”

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